Introduction to Cosmic Network

Connecting the Stars

Globally, the trend of governments closely monitoring their citizens has been on the rise. When we visit the concept of surveillance—defined as the close monitoring of individuals, particularly those under suspicion—such actions often stem from distrust. This global increase in surveillance sparks critical questions about who has access to our data and their intentions. It raises concerns over the implications of being scrutinized based on personal convictions or arbitrary classifications, challenging the notion of transparency in the absence of openly accountable observers.

This pervasive surveillance inevitably paves the way for censorship, as both concepts are inherently interconnected. In fact, the freedom to access information has been progressively constricted. Countries all over the world are slowly but deliberately decreasing the liberty to freely access online content. This trend highlights a historical pattern: the limitation of information access as a method to dominate and control populations.

The essence of censorship remains unchanged: to obstruct humanity's inherent right to engage with the collective intellect and wisdom passed down through ages. The identity of the censor influences which perspectives are marginalized or obliterated. For instance, the Nazi regime targeted and destroyed books that contradicted their ideological views, including seminal works by authors like Freud and Einstein, which are foundational to contemporary thought. Today, the internet represents the modern equivalent of Gutenberg's printing press, facing its own set of challenges and censorship efforts.

The internet, computers, phones, data, privacy. When it comes to censorship and the privacy of your data, we often hear something like ‘there’s nothing to worry about unless you have something to hide.’ Data is a property, and it must be protected, and ownership maintained with its original and rightful owner. Hence the rise of VPN services who claim, unconvincingly, that the data you generate is not logged and is safely protected. They are risking our privacy, our data and our right to the protection and ownership of our data property giving rise to a new solution: Cosmic Network.

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