Cosmic Network's dVPN Services

dVPN services are run using individual nodes vs large servers operated by a single company for a traditional VPN service. Node selection is run by individuals and not through a singular source. The network of VPN capabilities, services and offerings is equal, but with the reduced risk of single-point failure like a centralized VPN service risk. dVPN services also offer a wider array of locations to use that a commercial entity cannot use. There is also a lower chance of the selected IP address being locked or blocked from the selected site or facing annoying captchas on various sites you browse.

This is because dVPN services are typically individuals contributing individual nodes and not large commercial-scale operations with thousands of users on one IP address. In addition to a more open browsing experience, your data is also less likely to be exposed, breached, or sold because you are not relying on massive data centres that are targets. The more data there is, the more that can be sold and profited from, individual nodes are not targets for this.

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