Cosmic Token

The Cosmic Token serves as the backbone of our governance, empowering holders who stake their tokens with the authority to shape the protocol's evolution. The multifaceted utility of the Cosmic Token encompasses the following:

dVPN access

Cosmic tokens are used as a payment medium to access the decentralized VPN (dVPN) services rendered by the network’s nodes, users can employ Cosmic Tokens. This facilitates private and uninterrupted internet usage. Access can be purchased in two manners:


Users directly compensate node hosts with Cosmic Tokens for a predefined time limit.

Subscription model

Users pay a fixed amount to the Cosmic application. This fixed fee is compensated to node hosts in Cosmic Tokens on behalf of the users.


Both validators and delegators utilize Cosmic Tokens to contribute to network security and engage in the consensus mechanism. Validators, tasked with proposing and validating blocks, are rewarded in Cosmic Tokens for their contributions.

Revenue Sharing

In addition to traditional Proof of Stake (PoS) staking rewards, a percentage of revenue generated through the Cosmic protocol is distributed amongst users staking Cosmic tokens.

Governance Participation

Our network uses Cosmic Tokens for governance purposes. Token holders can engage in the decision-making process, casting votes on proposals that concern enhancements, modifications, budgetary decisions, and other significant ecosystem matters.

Transaction Fees

Transactions necessitate the payment of fees in Cosmic Tokens. Actions such as token transfers or smart contract executions require users to compensate validators in Cosmic Tokens for the processing and validation of these transactions.

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