You can stake your $COSMIC tokens to earn up to 120% APY.


The APY differs based on the length that you lock your tokens for. The longer you stake the better the APY. There are 3 lockup periods that you can select from

  • 15 days - 48% APY

  • 30 days - 72% APY

  • 60 days - 120% APY

For example, if you were to stake 1000 Cosmic tokens, you would earn the below for each lockup period

  • 15 days - 20 Cosmic tokens earned

  • 30 days - 60 Cosmic tokens earned

  • 60 days - 200 tokens earned

Penalty for Unstaking Early

If you choose to unstake at any time before the end of the lockup period, you will incur a penalty fee relative to the lockup period which is:

  • 15 days - 15% penalty

  • 30 days - 20% penalty

  • 60 days - 25% penalty

After the end of your chosen lockup period, you can unstake at any time without incurring any penalties or leave your tokens staked and continue to earn the APY you originally staked for.

Rewards are earned in real time within the staking contract and these can be claimed at any time.

If you would like to stake additional tokens whilst you have tokens locked, you can do so but only stake for the same amount of time as originally selected or longer. At the point of staking additional tokens, the timer will be reset from the date of the new stake.

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